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Sandblasted glass bong
Sandblasted glass bong

Medium sized straight glass bong. Its surface was sandblasted for nice touch and unique look. Details on the shaft ilustrate a marijuana leaf.

Size: 40cm

User's comment:
A work of art, I must say. I've had 3 glass bongs, and this one is easily the best in terms of looks and quality.

$ 61.99
€ 40.29

Glass bong hand model
Glass bong hand model

Handy glass bong made out of transparent high quality glass. Wide shaft and perfectly round base make it comfortable and easy to use. Don't underestimate it's power - it can produce huge hits.

Size: 13cm

User's comment:
It looks so harmless, until you try to clear it for the first time that is, didn't think it could hold that much smoke :P This is a nice little bong!

$ 29.83
€ 19.39

Sandblasted Glass Ice Bong

Lovely looking water bong, the shaft is decorated with the shape of a cannabis leaf. The bottom of the base is expanded to a wide stand.

Size: 37.5cm

User's comment:
Great bong, smooth hitter. The bowl piece holds a lot more than it looks like it would. Makes a good party bong. Looks awesome.

$ 73.69
€ 47.16

Small Galss Water Pipe

This glass water pipe model is decorated with cool marijuana leaf design which looks kind of ascetic and minimalistic.

Size: 9.5cm

User's comment:
Small,easy to hide, pretty nice waterpipe. Cleaning it is easy. just take a cue tip with some rubbing alcohol and presto! clean and ready to go again. the only down fall is the rubber rings that seal the openings. This problem is easy to take care of if you keep the rubber coated with a lube so that your pipes dont get stuck. 4-star rating in my book:)

$ 18.13
€ 11.60

Mini Glass Bong - Egg

This excellent Mini Glass Bong is decorated with a colourful green leaf on the main shaft and the bubbled egg-shaped base gives the piece its name. With a good size bowl providing a good smoke, the spacially economic Mini Glass Bong - Egg is a lovely piece by itself and also a fantastic addition to any water-pipe collection.

Size: 14cm

$ 11.38
€ 8.09


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