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Small Galss Water Pipe

This glass water pipe model is decorated with cool marijuana leaf design which looks kind of ascetic and minimalistic.

Size: 9.5cm

User's comment:
Small,easy to hide, pretty nice waterpipe. Cleaning it is easy. just take a cue tip with some rubbing alcohol and presto! clean and ready to go again. the only down fall is the rubber rings that seal the openings. This problem is easy to take care of if you keep the rubber coated with a lube so that your pipes dont get stuck. 4-star rating in my book:)

$ 18.13
€ 11.60

Curved shaft glass bong
Curved shaft glass bong

This glass bong's shaft curves the further up it goes until it is at a 45 degrees - the perfect angle for a perfect hit.

Size: 17cm

User's comment:
I love this bong, its portable, potent, and it gives great smooth hits.

$ 19.88
€ 12.92

Molino Pyrex Water Bong

Another quality glass water bong from Molino Glass. The base can hold large amount of water, and wide shaft even allows to put ice cubes inside, converting this cool piece into kind of an Icebong.

Size: 32cm

User's comment:
The quality of this bong is superb. The carb location and angled chamber make holding it feel very natural. I used to smoke joints exclusively, but this bong intensifies the entire experience. The hits off this are deep, intense and pure. The bowl and stem are fragile, but so long as you don’t tip it over or drop it, it’ll serve you well. The bowl is relatively small, so you may have to trim down 10mm screens. The hole is very small though, so you may decide you don’t need a screen altogether. Recommended? Absolutely.

$ 41.75
€ 26.30

Art Glass Bong – 2-Piece Recliner 18.8

This good looking bong’s aesthetic appeal lies in its utter simplicity. No added-on gimmicks or crazy colours to try to sell it, just one old-fashioned damn good bong. It has a reclining shaft which allows for easy and comfortable use, an 18.8 sized joint for a nice big bowl and a carb-hole situated on the left side (from behind). The glass is superbly finished and the shaft features the subtle Art Glass logo in a classy white shade.

Size: 42cm

User's comment:
Just got this in the mail this morning, it looks soo amazing but the sad thing is, i bought it for a birthday present for a friend so its not mine :(. we christened it and wow, what a killer hitter, definitally pick this one up. it is glass but its stronger because its Borosilicate.

$ 37.98
€ 26.99

Glass Ice Bong

What catches the eye in this water bong is its unusual shape of the base wich is held by a black plastic support. Moreover it features 2mm thick glass and ice notches at the lower part of the shaft.

Size: 25cm

User's comment:
It's small but hits smooth. The glass is about 2mm thick and has a nice sized carb on the back. If you're looking for a small but effective bong then this one shouldn't let you down.

$ 44.00
€ 27.72

Bushmaster Glass Water Bong - Rippled Shaft

The Bushmaster Glass Water Bong – Rippled Shaft is a straight cylinder bong with a difference. Up the shaft feature several ‘ripples’ in the glass which make it less likely to slip out of your grasp when carrying or cleaning it. As well as looking a lot more interesting than an ordinary straight cylinder bong, this Rippled Shaft bong also features ice notches about an inch above the rush (carb) hole so you can actually fill well over half the entire bong with ice to provide you with one of the coolest, smoothest smokes around.

Size: 33cm

User's comment:
Smooth hit, and way taller than the 33cm that they said it is! Mesures at almost 19 inches for us Americans. Only dislike is the low carb hole and side placement of it, other than that is a good hitter and nicely crafted bong!

$ 47.48
€ 33.74

Glass Water Bong

Transparent glass without ornaments or decoration, this piece is a book example of a classic glass water bong. Comfortably angeled shaft ends with a smooth mouthpiece and just look at that bowl! Is that bowl big enough for you? I thought so :) Comes in a box.

Size: 25cm

User's comment:
This is one hell of a bong... I just used it and can barleey type the review. It was smaller than the picture made it look and the glass is kinda thin but as long as you take care of it its a great bong.

$ 38.90
€ 24.90


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