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Mini Glass Bong - Egg

This excellent Mini Glass Bong is decorated with a colourful green leaf on the main shaft and the bubbled egg-shaped base gives the piece its name. With a good size bowl providing a good smoke, the spacially economic Mini Glass Bong - Egg is a lovely piece by itself and also a fantastic addition to any water-pipe collection.

Size: 14cm

$ 11.38
€ 8.09

Mini Glass Bong - Small Jar

Thie cute plugged-Jar style bong is a unobtrusive waterpipe that hits just as well as bongs twice its size. It is one of the smallest glass bongs available and as such is perfectly portable. The spherical base has a rubber cork with the glass mouthpiece and downpipe worked through the rubber, and there is a carb hole in the side of the base.

Size: 10cm

$ 11.38
€ 8.09

Molino Mini Glass Bong

Molino has done it again. Apart from being made from durable glass it's also the smallest glass bong on the market! Portable as never before, now you can take your bong everywhere u like.

Size: 11cm

User's comment:
Smallest. bong. ever. I say that in a positive tone, though! This bong rules. Portable, decent sized bowl. Good stuff. Thanks!

$ 14.55
€ 9.31

Simple glass bong
Simple glass bong

This little glass bong is made out of plain transparent glass. It's power is the simple ergonomic design and unique base to shaft proportions.

Size: 18cm

User's comment:
This is a great little bong for the price. Easy to clean, easy to transport, lightweight and works like a charm. It hits well and it very easy to use. This is my first bong, and I'm very happy with the results. I'd recommend this bong to anyone.

$ 28.07
€ 18.25

Glass bong hand model
Glass bong hand model

Handy glass bong made out of transparent high quality glass. Wide shaft and perfectly round base make it comfortable and easy to use. Don't underestimate it's power - it can produce huge hits.

Size: 13cm

User's comment:
It looks so harmless, until you try to clear it for the first time that is, didn't think it could hold that much smoke :P This is a nice little bong!

$ 29.83
€ 19.39

Molino Pyrex Glass Bong

Big, ronded base is the main feature in this Molino water bong. Molino Glass provides smoking devices made from high quality Pyrex glass.

Size: 25cm

User's comment:
Molino pyrex is artful quality!!! You get alot of bang for your bucks with this little lady.Class is glass.Gotta have good lungs for this baby.All my friends want one.Thanks from U.S.A..

$ 29.00
€ 18.56


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