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Bong ethymology

Bong ethymology

The Thai word "baung" means a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe or a container cut from a bamboo stem. This word later was adapted as the English word "bong" during the Vietnam War when as many as five military bases were located in Thailand. The "baung" was used by the local Thai populace to smoke cannabis. The Americans picked up this habit along with various others. When these American troops returned back to their home country, they brought with them the "bong" – the Thai smoking device. In fact, the January 1971 issue of Marijuana Review refers to the word "bong" as "beautiful and thanks Scott Bennett for this "special" pipe.

It is a matter of debate on whether the Thais were really the inventors of the word or did they themselves adapt it from the Africans. Support for this line of argument comes from the fact that there is a tribe in modern day Kenya called Bong"om who speak a language called Bong'om. In Liberia, Bong County is named after Mount Bong. It is reasonable to assume that may be, just maybe, the Thais adopted the word from the Africans and used it to describe one of their most beloved inventions.

Curved shaft glass bong
Curved shaft glass bong

This glass bong's shaft curves the further up it goes until it is at a 45 degrees - the perfect angle for a perfect hit.

Size: 17cm

User's comment:
I love this bong, its portable, potent, and it gives great smooth hits.

$ 19.88
€ 12.92

Mini Glass Bong - Egg

This excellent Mini Glass Bong is decorated with a colourful green leaf on the main shaft and the bubbled egg-shaped base gives the piece its name. With a good size bowl providing a good smoke, the spacially economic Mini Glass Bong - Egg is a lovely piece by itself and also a fantastic addition to any water-pipe collection.

Size: 14cm

$ 11.38
€ 8.09


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